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winder , GA 30680
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 Steve Gordon
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Auburn Animal Hospital
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Yargo Area Biking Association
The Trail Blazers of Fort Yargo               State Park 
            P.O. Box 633 
         Statham GA. 30666   
        Phone # 678-617-0565
Stansell & Petree Family Dentistry
369 E. Broad Street,   Winder, Georgia 30680
Ph: 770.867.2277   Fax: 770.868.5988

Disclaimer: Cycling is a dangerous sport. Yargo Area Biking Association, Steve Gordon, Yaba members and anyone else Associated with Yaba are not responsible if you get lost or hurt while riding your bike at Fort Yargo. You ride at your own risk and assume all responsibility for yourself and your equipment.
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We are having Group rides on Monday nights. We leave the parking lot around 6:30PM to 6:45PM. All are Invited to come out and ride with us we have an awesome time no one is dropped.
Link to The Fort Yargo Area Weather Forcast.
     For Trail Status Call: 
Between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm

  Please Dont ride on wet trails it destroys trails and makes our job of keeping up the trails a lot harder